Which has richer tonality, the Holland e188cc or the USA 7308?

Heerlen Holland e188cc or Hicksville USA 7308... which has the richer tonality?  Which has the richer tonality... D-getter or O-getter?
Still in search of the perfect tube?

I like the liquid midrange on the Holland. I think it comes down to your taste in sonics.

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lowrider57... Yes. Still looking for the iteration that's a marriage between the flavors I cited here, not that I'm unhappy with either. Far from it. Besides, tube rolling is a pleasant pastime during the lockdown here in Seattle.
Oh yeah, I love tube rolling. I may be as discriminating as you are.

Did you ever try the USN7308 (or 6922) Amperex offered to you?

Not from rodman99999, elsewhere. Better than my orange label USA 7308. More articulate. Deeper bass. Now if I can only find something with its clarity and spatiality and the rich tonality of the 6922...