Which has richer tonality, the Holland e188cc or the USA 7308?

Heerlen Holland e188cc or Hicksville USA 7308... which has the richer tonality?  Which has the richer tonality... D-getter or O-getter?
@petg60 , I agree to go for the white label.
I've been following @pmboyd 's quest for a specific sonic signature. I like the 7308 Amperex PQ/Philips SQ Holland large O-getter for it's transparency, warm liquid mids, deep low-end, and smooth extended highs. Not a rich sounding tube. 
@pmboyd , maybe you would like the D-getter version, although hard to find.

@pmboyd , have you tried a 6922 PQ Holland?

From Brent Jessee...
Fabulous original 1957 D-getter vintage white label Holland made PQ type Amperex tubes, and have the rare, indented glass midsections ("pinched waist")and wider bottoms that are famed for ultra-low microphonics. These 1950s pinch waist tubes are rarely found, since they are so fine most are in private collections and stocks!

lowrider57... Nope, only tried the 6922 PQ USA. I love its rich tonality but find it lacks the clarity and spatiality of the 7308 USA, which, unfortunately, is comparatively lean and edgy in my rig.
tonaly rich tubes are Mullards, the E188CC 1960's is a great version also, very hard to find.
e188cc Holland = VR1 (D-getter 1960), VR3-VR5 (0 getter 1960-1963)
6922 USA = 7L6-7L8 (1961-1963)
Mullard e88cc = 7L1R (1962)....
Unfortunately with tubes is trial and error when not becoming noisy