Which Home Theater speakers for under $28,000.

I am looking for a 7.1 HT system including equipment for a 3,000 cu. ft. dedicated Home Theater & music room. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
I second sdcampbell's recomendation for the Vandy system. You'll be hard pressed to do better. The Martin-Logans are beautiful to look at and sound good too, but for home theater useage, if you play loud, you might not get the dynamic range the Vandy's can give you, that you might well need for a HT setup in the price category that you are looking into.
IMHO Martin Logans are too loose in bass for music, I would look at Eminent Tech for Speakers, second vote for both the Parasound and Lexicon!
Dont let the Eminent Technology price tag fool you, they will run circles around alot of speakers....something like $5000 would get you a complete 7 channel, then get a fast sealed sub for your .1 and you are set for a LONG time!
If used is an option the last generation Utopia line would be my choice. Utopias up front, mezzos or minis rear and all around.
Well as a dealer I feel limited in what I can say but I don't mean to be unfair to those who have posted by not posting my recommended equipment, but with the exception of the Vandersteen Fives which are too expensive to place into a $30K systems even used.....the items suggested would be lucky to make mediocrity in a 3000cuft. theater.

Martin Logans 2005 Midfi...Tweeter sells them FCS! Making the panel smaller is certainly the wrong way to go...think about it! I must admit breaking glass on a ML thetaer takes on a new standard, that's about it.

Eminent Technology as a theater speaker? c'mon! What do they play too 101-102dB @ 1M, what are you trying not to wake someone in the next room? ...same room?

Last and not least, if you use dipoles for theater, then suffer the consequences for not following the directions! I have heard the Maggie Theater I have heard the Innersound (which by the way is head and shoulders above other Dipole Systems for theater) And they are not even close, wet noodle theater for those who wish to kid themselves about a hybrid music and film system. Dipoles are by nature a "built-in" four channel system when in a room, they have surround built-in. So to use them is putting surround on surround, not a very good thing. Unless someone can explain to me how I'm wrong.

"Sounds Good" --"feels good" does not equal "Real Good".

This man is spending big money $30,000 and the rec's are absolutely sub mediocre or useless....keep trying. You're letting him down 'goners. As a dealer I'm not going to make any specific rec's to risk being labled a shill but where's the prowess, the knowledge. These are pathetic systems.

Stop recommending by the midfi mag's deep pocket pets and what you already own, isn't that kinda like recommending what I sell, except I get money and you get ego satisfaction. :)

C'mon you can do better. Think about what a theater needs atleast Macdadtexas was inquisitive before he goes on to recommend those mediocre Gallo's and Maggies. Sorry MDT anyone with a Gallo Duet, recommending Gallo Duets for a center channel when they make marginal rears is not practicing good Theater IM-ns-HO

Keep trying guys,
Electrostaticman's post may be a bit misleading. I based my answer on the title of his post (Which HT Speakers Under $28K?), rather than having $28k for an entire HT system. If he actually means speakers, and not the whole system, I'll stand by my Vandy 5A-based system recommendation. If his post means the total cost of the HT system, then I'd suggest using Vandy 3A Sig's instead of the 5A's (I haven't heard the Quatros yet), but go with the rest of the Vandy system as described.