Which integrated amp?

I am looking for an integrated amp for my system and would appreciate any input/ listening impressions for a couple that I have interest in. I have a couple of musts for any choice. At least one set of balanced inputs, pre amp outputs, and 4 ohm drive capability, 150 wpc minimum, solid state preferred but hybrid ok. My room is 11 x 15.5 x 8. I have a couple of different speakers either on hand or that will be arriving soon. They are the Mosaic Acoustics Illumination, and Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod. A pair of Green Mountain Audio yet to be released monitors are to be on there way soon (hopefully). The Mosaic and GMA both need subwoofer support, thus the need for pre amp output. I want the integrated to be flexible in case I decide to go with a somewhat larger floor stander in the future. Listen to mostly rock, hard rock, metal, blues, jazz and contemporary jazz. Mostly I listen at modest levels, but want to be able to put the pedal down when I feel like it. I prefer sound slightly on the warm side of neutral and want to avoid etch/ glare. I would like to limit to $3500 in the used market. I have been doing some research and am interested in experiences with the following;

Modwright KWI-200
Hegel H-300/360
Plinius Hautonga
BAT VK 300x SE
Coda CSI 300b
Parasound Halo

I am open to other suggestions. Thanks for your input.

I had a Xindak 6950 that was replaced with BAT’s VK-300x and, even though the BAT was a little more refined and had much better bass control, I still missed the Xindak timbre. Voices were more palpable and it was warmer overall, the BAT was darker and leaner. I have since upgraded to BAT separates, and now I’m in Zanden heaven, but I’d certainly recommend the 6950 elder brother, the Xindak A600. You may find it used within your budget and it’s a mammoth. Built like a tank with great components; an absolute steal. I’ve heard it driving Thiels 3.7 and it was really, really good. It retained the 6950’s warmth and presence that I liked but added a lot more grip, refinement and control. Don’t let the "made in china" badge fool you: those are great components and a great bang for the buck, heavily built and really sweet sounding (not in a bad, exaggerated or slow way, simply very emotional). Hope this helps.

Wells audio majestic 

also so take a look at the Yamaha as2500.  It’s only 90w, but 90000uf. Weights more than 50lbs
yyzsantabarbara, I have 2 great options to add to your list, one that I own currently and one that I auditioned and was impressed by. The one I own is the Audiozen Alchemy hybrid integrated, sold by Mark Sossa at Well Pleased A/V. It is a world class integrated for sure. 
The other option I like is the Atoll IN300. Either one would be a fantastic option.
check out Pathos Inpol2 - pure class a and in a different league than all on your list.  See the "other" site for availability!