Which integrated amp for better musicality - Parasound Hint vs Primaluna vs ???

I've been having a blast looking up threads and doing some research but my dilemma is this - I want to get more enjoyment out of my music (don't we all). My Anthem and Oppo setup honestly sound great but I can't help but think that maybe I am missing out. I am thinking of upgrading some of my gear by either adding an integrated amp or separates. I'd love to hear some recommendations. Based on some reading, I am considering: 

1. Parasound Halo Integrated 6
2. Primaluna Dialogue Premium or Premium HP

My current setup is as follows: 

Oppo 105D
Anthem MRX 510 AVR
Ascend Acoustic Sierra RAAL Towers and Horizon Center

Any recommendations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

I would recommend looking into a Lyngdorf 2170. Or if you like that tube magic, one of the Line Magnetic integrated amps. I have the LM 508ia, which is amazing, with 48 watts of SET power. I love this amp, but may end up replacing it with a Lyngdorf 3400, another great choice but a bit out of your price range. It just depends on the kind of sound you want.
Like d2girls said, Kinki EX-M1. That's around $2200 which leaves you a lot of leeway for options.

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Try the Rotel separates.  CD Player, Pre Amp and Amp will cost you $3,000. You would be very surprised how well they work with some speakers like B & W.  All Rotel products use DNM caps, made by Dennis Morecroft from DNM Audio. Some say his pre amp and amp are the best money can buy and he makes his own amps.
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The Prima Luna HP by far.  If you want bells and whistles, get the Parasound, if you want pure musical bliss, go with the Prima Luna.