Which integrated for Wilson Sabrina's

HI audio friends,

Considering decluttering my main system and moving from pre and power to a high end integrated.  I currently have the Coda Continuum power amp, LTA reference 2 preamp, hifi rose streamer and Wilson Sabrina's.  

Cabling, set up and all the tedium of pre and power feels unnecessary when i consider some of the excellent integrated options available.  I have always been impressed by BAT engineering and their vk 80i has had some great reviews, but  I don't think the 55w is enough for the wilsons.  The vk 3500 would definitely have enough grunt, but i'm curious what everyone thinks and am open to other options.  



BAT VK3500 is excellent, but the Wilson's deserve the D'Agostino...though will certainly sound fine with many of the others mentioned...

I agree the dagastino, Ch precision, soulutions, DarTZeel are amazing and would be awesome with the Wilsons's; however, I should have specified I do not want to spend over 9k for an integrated.  There is a gryphon that seems like it would work as well, but I have had feedback from others that wilson and grython are not ideal.

My current system sounds really good, but it lacks refinement in the top end and needs more weight and body in the midrange for my taste.  The LTA has a lot of air for a tube pre, but can be a shade bright at times.


Here are few to consider, Gryphon Diablo, T+A PA3100HV, Accuphase E-5000 and darTZeel CTH-8550 MKII. I would seek an audition from your local dealer to see which one of these offers the best synergy with Sabrina’s.

I know a dealer in Florida who carries ~ Wilson, Gryphon and Dan Agostino, Nagra and he often demo Wilson with Gryphon. As I pointed out, synergy and your personal preferences will be the ultimate determining factor over everything else.

I hate to point out but when you own 87dB efficiency speakers, your choices are limited to high current amps / Integrated’s.