Which Integrated got you off the merry go round?

Calling on all those suffering from audiophilia nervosa who finally put an end to the non-sense buy-sell quaterly of pre, amps, integrated with an integrated (price does not matter). Which one was the ONE for you?
Aronov LS-960I, at least in one room :>)
When the weight gets to the fifty pound range and the distance to the car seems longer than before, no more merry go round.
And, it doesn't hurt that the sound is musically enjoyable while lifelike, as well as possessing special quality of bass evident when driving a variety of speaker designs.
Not quite fully integrated, as an outboard phono preamp is needed when indulging a yen for those big black vinyl thingies.
Symphonic Line La Musica. Bought mine as a demo model, I never looked back. For the price I paid I trully cannot see any amp that will beat it.

Symponic Line really makes some great amps, not to common so you will have to spend some time looking for one if you want to buy 2nd hand. New buy should be no problem I think.
In order for me to get off, I need an integrated which preamp section can rival those of the good $1,000+ preamps AND MUST HAVE two (2) pre-out so I can run a subwoofer and bi-amp or simply use another power amp with the pre-section of the integrated. Any such animal out there? (if one of the pre-out is balanced, all the better). A MM phono another plus, balance nice to have...am I asking for too much?!!!

I have the non-integrated version of the integrated mentioned in this thread, and I can't see myself ever buying another amp.
JRDG Capri and 102 amplifier stacked together are smaller than most integrateds. You get MM/MC phono pre as an option. You get 100 watts per channel. You get 3 inputs in addition to phono. You get very good remote. You get 2 pre-outs. You get balanced inputs and outputs. You get a bypass and a mute and a phase inversion switch.
You get the option of DC operation if you run both units through the PC-1, Rowlands power factor correction device. It converts 110-120 ac out of your wall to 384 vdc into the amp and preamp. Very nice.

If you want to take this further or get more power, the Continuum integrated amps beckon.