Which Integrated got you off the merry go round?

Calling on all those suffering from audiophilia nervosa who finally put an end to the non-sense buy-sell quaterly of pre, amps, integrated with an integrated (price does not matter). Which one was the ONE for you?
mbl 7008. It looks good and sounds good. It is designed to be able to drive the 82dB/w/m, 4 ohm mbl 121 (which I don't happen to own). So I'm guessing that in my small NYC apartment, even though it is "only" 120 Watts/channel (and is rated down to a 2 ohm load--380 Watts) it will potentially work with just about any speaker, even if I move to a bigger place. One requirement I had, since I also listen to a lot of tv and movies late at night, is that it have a headphone jack. I prefer a headphone jack to a separate headphone amp to save space, but more importantly, to be able to control the volume via remote control. And I assume the headphone section of the mbl is no slouch (I say assume because I have not auditioned headphone amps).

I very much enjoyed reading the comments on the other integrateds. I am especially intrigued by the Pass Labs, but as the theme of this thread goes, I'm not in the market!
You really outta listen to the JRDG Continuum 500. Ear candy + eye candy. I agree with Cappuccino's analysis.
The TAD modded Cayin ta-30 stopped me from serious looking about four years ago I guess. Before that I had used many SS amps with varying satisfaction. I feed some custom Dynaudio monitors with it.

I liked the ta-30 so much I then bought (found it on ebay) the same company's (different name) Spark 300B SET. Model 730D. I finally settled on a great tube set TJ 300b, Phillips jan 6sn7 and Valvo 188cc. This amp is gorgeously finished and quite a thing of beauty.

Fed with vinyl and sacd it really breathes life into the old Altec 604D speakers. The bass is augmented on two levels with a pair of subs. One sub is cutoff at 80hz and the other is cutoff at several hundred hz, the subs are balanced by a seperate preamp for more control than I've ever had over the bottom end of the system. Very dynamic and lifelike, tho' not the highest resolution from the old Altecs.

I'm very happy with it, and have not felt any inclination to change amps in a while, tho I often consider finding a pair of high efficiency speakers of new design to try in place of the Altec.