Which Intergrated amp for starter??

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Hello all just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on a good intergrated amp. As of now I will be using my computer as a source until I can afford better eq. For speakers I will either be getting B & W's 602 s3 or Sonus concertino if I can find them or maybe some totem mites.

I mostly listen to classical (Brass quintents, Mahler, Bruckner, Piano) and Jazz (clark terry, mingus, clifford brown).

I figured that getting a good amp that is flexible would be a better bet than speakers which can be changed more often than not. What intergrated amp out there is a good all around perfomer for various music.

$249 from Audio Advisor...40wpc, two sets of speaker connections, aluminum remote control, great fit and finish and nice British sound for a song. The best value in the world if you're really pinching pennies. Had one for a few months and loved it. No onboard phono stage, though...you can have AA install the board for $60 or so, or buy an outboard if you need one.
A truly underated and often ignored integrated is the Yamaha RX777. It's in your budget, and has a surprising amount of juice for a basic integrated. Plus (at least to me), it is built like a tank, and is totally without frills or pointless extras.
If the budget permits the Classe integrateds are perhaps the biggest bang for the dollar in contemporary products.

If not in the budget, have a PS Audio Elite on auction now that will more than fill your requirements and will drive all but the most inefficient speakers around. Great sound at a very good price.


Also the integrateds from Audio Analog are nothing short of spectacular. True Italian craftsmanship. Hard to find in this country, but worth the effort.
I have a Rotel RA820BX3 that has served me well since 1990.
When I purchase a new amp, it will most likely be a Rotel (great sound and great value)