Which is a reliable CD changer?

I am seeking the convenience of a multi-disc (5?) CD changer to be used as a transport to feed a DAC. I would like a coax digital output. Even more important, however, is build quality, decent ergonomics, and reliability. I have owned Sony and Yamaha in the past and not had a problem with either. I will not even consider NAD. I have read lots of horror stories about Marantz and HK stuff not working right out of the box, so forget that junk, too. Any other suggestions?
There is a CAL CL-10 for sale right now. I am using one with a Classe' DAC and it sounds terrific. The CAL has coax, AES/EBU and some even have ST glass digital out. Or maybe a CL-5 which would be cheaper and since you are using an outboard DAC would sound just as good. Only downside is CAL may be a little more difficult to service.
I have a Sony SCD-C555ES, which I am using as a transport. Haven't had it long so I can't say how reliable it is. Seems to be built well. Sounds very good also ( as a transport). Can also play sacd's if you're curious (but only thru analog outputs).
I agree with Joe_b, try a Sony SACD ES changer. You get a 5 year warranty, which should allay your fears.

I own an SCD-333ES, and am quite happy with it. The build quality, fit and finish, and heft are impressive. The sound is much better than I anticipated at time of purchase. It definitely gets my recommendation.
I've had a Marantz 4000OSE for just over two years (used with Perp Tech P-1A and P-3A) and it has worked flawlessly. I tried three other multi-disc players (Sony ES, Onkyo, and Parasound) and the Marantz sounded best by itself and is the most ergomomic. It's also the fastest - drawer opens the fastest, discs cue up and play the quickest, and it changes disc within 4-5 seconds, unlike 10-11 seconds for the others. It seems very well made for a $550.00 player. However, it does lack a great deal as a stand alone player.