Which is best American Amp in $1500-2000 range?

I am considering the idea of upgrading my amp and I would like to know what are the best choices for INTEGRATED amps in the $1500-2000 price range. What are the best-buy options, that have the best cost/quality relation? Please tell me only the best american brands, not the british or chinese. Thanks!
In your price range I would look at the Mcintosh MA6500, Krell 400xi for solid state amd ,maybe the Cary sli80 for tubes.
What do you want it to do, and where will it be going, with what gear will it be used?
Hi Uppermidfi, It will be used with a Consonance CD 120 ($1100) and a pair of KEF IQ9 (list price $1400, real price $900). I want it to play classical music very very well.. and I give utmost importance to the midrange. I need devastating accuracy in vocals and piano!