Which is better.

Looking to replace my Carver TL3200 CD player. The laser pickup is going out and the cost to repair is roughly $200.00. For that money i think it is time to replace it.

I am looking at an NAD C-538, a Marantz C-5005 ( refurbished) or a Marantz C-6006. All are in the $400.00-$500.00 range.
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@stereo5 - crispness, imho, doesnt not mean bright. I simply noticed that there was a definite delineation among in the instruments.The light display I can sympathize with. I have seen that with some early units in Pioneer and Marantz in which the displays could burn your retinas out.
you know what you know. if it sounds good to you it’s good. the rest is white noise. have fun