which is more musical? A REL or a SUMIKO subwoofer for two channel only?

Want a pair of subs for my "high end" main speakers and would like to know the answer to this question! hopefully there are 'Goners out there who have had one or both to compare or have heard both to make a choice... Please specify "why"
Thanks all!
Both. Although two of each will be much more musical. Or three of one and one of the other. Actually, anything where you wind up with at least four is more musical than anything with just one.

Specify "why"? Okay. Because when it comes to subs no matter which one you get they all have the same problem of room modes that always make the bass lumpy. Way too much one place, way too little the other. Even with EQ, impossible to ever get it right.

Multiple subs however go in multiple locations and produce a lot of different modes in a lot of different locations, the overall effect of which is much smoother, faster, more articulate bass. Its not even close.

So get whichever is cheaper, because then you can afford more, and more is what you want.
AZ Jake when we attempt subwoofers the best ways for 2 channels of music
is the way Rel
 or Sumiko’s hook up at high level. The only thing they both forgot is the High Pass filter . In order to achieve an even better Transition the use of a sophisticated  high pass filter like the Vandersteen Sub 3 and prior model 2WQs use this in particular allows the main speakers modulation distorting to be lowered and heavy lifting of your main amplifier to be relieved dramatically lowering distortion Improving Clarity and transparency of the whole system.
The sub three also features 11  analog EQ pots cleans up the in room bass response and done without any DPS processor The same analog system is also used in the more expensive Vandersteen Quatros five series and Sevens and has now trickled down.
best JohnnyR 
Vandersteen Dealer 
I've had both brands for high-end two-channel systems.
I ***STRONGLY*** suggest you go with REL!
Believe me, in the long run, you will be much happier.
More thought and technology put into the REL yielding better sound.
Check out the explanations provided by REL on Youtube, see the "REL Acoustics How To"
Talk to any store that carries both SUMIKO and REL and ask them their opinion.
In addition to the above, the REL customer service is there 100% to assist if needed.
Hi Lak, may I ask what REL model are you using?
Hello AudioConnection, a Vandersteen 2W can be had for $350 cash, locally. Where’d it stand in performance as today’s standard, Are the 2w-Q and Sub-3 much more superior than the original 2w?

NasamanA local 100 pound 2w for 350 with the correct latest high pass set correctly would be a great start.just make sure it was well cared for.you can pm me to attain the correct x over choice. Best JohnnyR 
My update,
I bought a REL T/7 and it is very good, very tuneful for my 2-ch listening. It’s nicely adding to the lows, and like many others had mentioned, it’s def not shaking the house and that what I was looking for.

Saw great potential of the T/7 and quickly bought the S/3. Wow, love it.

Note: If you are looking for a sub that will play (much) louder than your speakers, REL will disappoint you, horribly.

Thank you AudioConnection for tips on Vandersteen 2W Sub but, for now, I decided to go with RELs for easy/quick plug & play connection instead of spending more time researching on what to do with that Vandersteen Sub's X-over network.

update...Went with two G2's from REL to go with my Tidal Akira's and after the "fine tuning" process I am in ABSOLUTE heaven!"...:-)
I was turned on to RELs some years ago by a close friend, and immediately found a used Q150e (150 watt front firing 10") on Ebay for 200 bucks...perfect but needed a new grill cloth (had the frame, easy fix)...GREAT sub that seriously transformed music in my Hacienda. A couple of years later added a Q108MKII (100 watts 8" downfiring) also for 200 bucks and that's that...seriously well made subs, great sound making me a "more than one sub" for home audio believer.
Happy with my REL S3 SHO. Saving for a second one. Used, as they are replaced by the new S series which is a little more expensive. Very fast and tight when needed. You might look into 4 smaller ones like the t7 as an option.

I don't think RELs have to match...mine don't particularly although they're part of the same era...look around for ANY used REL in great shape and add it to whatever you have...you will be happy.