Which is the Better Tonearm - Pro-Ject or Rega?

Which is the better arm in your opinion, the Rega 251/202 arm that's also found on the Rega clones (Edwards Audio TT1 for example), or the Pro-Ject arm found on the Debut/Essential and Pro-Ject clones (such as the Music Hall MMF 2.2).

Does Pro-Ject's carbon arm (as found on the Debut Carbon) change your position on the comparison?

Greg - even if you don't try the Audiomods Arm - give the KLE Innovations Absolute Harmony RCA's a try on your Project 9cc

They will elevate it to a whole new level of performance

Fightin words you say? Take a look at...

I've been fortunate to be able to review most of the KLE Innovations product line over a 2-3 year period (nice being retired) and have even field tested some of them on friends systems.

To date I have not found a product that outperforms their TOTL products. But even their entry level products outperform many big name brands 

And if I didn't have already have the Audiomods arm - I'd take advantage of they weak pound also :-)

Regards, Steve. 
@gregkohanmim If you build the Audiomods arm, please tell us your results. That looks like a really intriguing arm and great value. Thanks,

Rega vs ProJect ??

You must be kidding.  Roy Gandy is an opportunist who can't hear. 

No VTA adjustment is the donkey kong of mistakes.  I need VTA OTF, so

I guess I should measure shims or mats to the micron.  That's a great

idea, and convenient too!!! 

Maybe his friend Jeff Dorgay (likes to destroy innocent Technics toys for

the needy) should help him design a VTA adjustment.  I know that's a

monumental task, but hang in there.  You are the little train that could.

What this industry really needs is a good $0.05 cigar.  BTW, the best

tobacco in the whole wide world is grown in the USA.

I have a better idea.  Lets tax the victims of addiction.  That way we can

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"Fleib- sorry, your provocative post, though oozing with sarcasm, clearly missed it's mark. Instead of answering the op's question, your confrontational style proves to be an immediate turn-off. Is it really necessary to insult people to make your point or is this just your style? I'm sure your "expertise" as regards turntables is irreproachable, (" no VTA is the donkey kong of mistakes") but not everyone needs VTA; many manage without it just fine. I am one of them. I also own a Rega table which I love; in fact I sold my TW Acustic Raven One and purchased an RP6 which gives me every bit as much pleasure as the Raven with a lot less hassle and expense. Not to be overly dogmatic here, but people come to this hobby for many different reasons and each derives pleasure in their own way. No one needs to be told that your way is the "right way".

And, by the way, if we want your opinions on cigars and addiction, I doubt we'll look for it on the forum.