Which is the most tubelike solid state amp around

Being a tube person who is trying to put together an active loudspeaker setup , I have come across the problem of choosing the best driver for the midrange and upper bass i.e.80Hz to 2.5 KHz. I would like to try a panel such as a Magnapan but am told that they are rather power hungry. Therefore, I would be grateful if fellow Audiogoners could share your experience in relation to the best powerful SS amps that would not be out of place in a "tube-ophile's" system.
Is there really such an animal? I simply don't understand some of the suggestions given so far. Lot's of nice amplifiers but tube like? Audio Research designs tube gear that sounds closer to solid state than most. With the exception of a hybrid I don't think anything comes close to sounding tube like IMO.

Why not drive them with a tube amp? Manley Neo 250 or larger VTL come to mind. Look up Stereo Unlimited in Walnut Creek, California. He pairs lots of Magnapan with tube amps.
What bout the TAD Hibachi mono block amps? I have a TAD 150 Signature tube preamp and think it's a great product for the money. Paul G's tube amps are also nice. Not sure about his Hibachi amps but he claims TUBE LIKE sound.
I second the Redgum rec made earlier. I'm a confirmed tube-o-holic, and very few SS amps can hold my attention. I have owned the 35wpc and 120wpc integrateds and they are excellent. Their sound is smooth, refined, palpable, detailed, and most importantly, engaging!

I sold the 120 watter to a buddy, and he loves it on his Soliloquy 6.2 spkrs. I use the 35 watter in my BR system. Strapped to my DeVore Gibbons monitors, a rich, fluid and relaxed sound results that is just beguiling.

Redgum is in Australia and I believe they've lost their lease and are offering some bargains. Check their website.
I think the Threshold SA-1 monos may qualify. Some guy posted a pair for 15K saying that's how good they sound. I bought a pair two years ago and though I need the storage space, I just can't get myself to list them. They sound so good and 3D like tubes, without any solid state grain.