Which MoFi and MoFi UHQR LPs?

I'm curious and would like to hear your opinions, recommendations and experiences...
Which out-of-print Mobile Fidelity and MoFi UHQR vinyl sets are the most desireable and valuable?
Is there a list somewhere that answers these questions, including what someone might expect to pay for the items sealed and unsealed?
I can see eBay ads, but most are "Buy It Now" pricing not auctions, so it's hard to tell if the prices are realistic or not....whatever that means among Audiophools in this economy!!
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Couldn't agree more on Aja and John Klemmer....I was going to list my Aja lp and decided whoever bought it would give me negative feedback for as bad as it sounds! Touch is a keeper, that's for sure.
"Sticky Fingers" makes for a great Frisbee.

If there's a worse MFSL release, I've not yet heard it.

And grateful I might add.
Thanks for the info so far guys.
I read some of the other threads where people were weighing-in on the relative quality of the various pressings you have mentioned above. Nothing like multiple versions to add some confusion to the mix!!