Which MoFi and MoFi UHQR LPs?

I'm curious and would like to hear your opinions, recommendations and experiences...
Which out-of-print Mobile Fidelity and MoFi UHQR vinyl sets are the most desireable and valuable?
Is there a list somewhere that answers these questions, including what someone might expect to pay for the items sealed and unsealed?
I can see eBay ads, but most are "Buy It Now" pricing not auctions, so it's hard to tell if the prices are realistic or not....whatever that means among Audiophools in this economy!!
"Sticky Fingers" makes for a great Frisbee.

If there's a worse MFSL release, I've not yet heard it.

And grateful I might add.
Thanks for the info so far guys.
I read some of the other threads where people were weighing-in on the relative quality of the various pressings you have mentioned above. Nothing like multiple versions to add some confusion to the mix!!
as feelings run so strongly on MoFi's one way of the other (and i own most all of them) i will avoid any recs.

the only point i will make is that VTA and system bass performance are significant considerations in judging various pressings. i have gone from 'ho-hum' to 'thumbs up' quite a few times with small VTA adjustments on MFSL pressings, particularly the earlier japanese pressings. complaints about tipped up top end or bass that is too heavy might be as much comments on set-up and system character as a pressing issue.

it could also be just that MoFi's pressings vary to a good degree and you need to find the good ones.

listen for yourself with an open mind.

just my 2 cents.
Viridian, you may want to look for an earlier pressing of Katy Lied. I've heard plenty that sound as you described but I now have one that sounds very good.