which nad amp sholuld I get?

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I like NAD sound and want to get a new 70w-120w nad power or integrated amplifier. (speakers have 89db sensitivity)

Currently I have 70w amplifier, 60w was not enough for me.
Should I get 320bee, this post says it very powerful:
or c270, or maybe the older 218, 214?

I don't turn volume control past 10 o clock.

Thanks for referencing my review. Tobias is on the mark in asking for more information. I was using the NAD C320BEE in a 10 X 15 X 8 1/2 room with Acoustic Research 302 speakers. These speakers could go down to 35 HZ and the NAD complemented them pretty well. Thing is though I live in an apartment and I don't crank the sound up that much except on the rare weekday afternoon. With music the NAD had more than enough power given my room size and all that, but when I would play a DVD using the NAD, the NAD would run out of gas.

So, provide us with some more info and we can talk some more.

Regards, Rich
If 60 watts isn't enough, 70 or even a 100 won't be either. You should at least double the power or get something with a lot of current.
Well, I guess you have to put both your amp and your speakers into the equation. If your present setup is crapping out on orchestral peaks, you have a headroom problem that won't go away with only double the amplifier power. You will need more like six to ten times more.

(This is because of the dynamic range of an orchestral performance. Crescendos and tutti can pack a real wallop. For a peak that doubles volume for more than an instant, your amp needs to put out ten times the watts.)

B&W speakers are not known for their efficiency, and bookshelf designs in general tend to be a tad more power-hungry than larger ones. The solution may be to find a more powerful amp AND get more efficient speakers.