which nad amp sholuld I get?

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I like NAD sound and want to get a new 70w-120w nad power or integrated amplifier. (speakers have 89db sensitivity)

Currently I have 70w amplifier, 60w was not enough for me.
Should I get 320bee, this post says it very powerful:
or c270, or maybe the older 218, 214?

I don't turn volume control past 10 o clock.

It must get really loud in your listening room. I understand what Tobias is getting out in suggesting an amp that puts out 200 wpc or greater ... but that just sounds like overkill in a 11 X 12 room ... but the science requires that to double the volume you must double the power. I am assuming that your speakers are in B&W's 600 DM series, which are something like 88/89 db efficient and that you are looking for an amplifier in a complementary price range (stop me at any point if I am wrong).

If your current amp allows you to use its preamp section separate from the power amp and given that you like the NAD house sound, maybe the way to go is to try NAD's C272 power amp @150 wpc. If you can't go do the pre/power split, the C372 integrated amp @ 150 wpc may be the ticket.

Do you have a local NAD dealer who will allow you to try a home audition?

Regards, Rich
Thanks, I am not wondering about power,but do all nad amps sound the same? I will go listen.
The C320BEE is a wonderful sounding amp. If you want to know whether the 50 watts of the C320BEE is enough, do the following.

Buy a cheap digital multimeter which you can get for less than $20. Buy a test CD with a -20dB test tone, [probably better if it is not pink noise]. [I can help you if you cannot find one.]

Select the AC voltage scale on the multimeter that allows you to measure up to 2 volts or so. [Make sure you have selected the correct scale.] Place one of the multimeter test leads on one terminal of your speakers. Place the other on the other speaker terminal. Play the -20dB test tone, with the volume low and turn up the volume until the meter reads 1.4 volts. [If the meter gives no reading, do not just keep turning up the volume; find out what is wrong.] [If your speaker impedance drops below 4 ohms down to 2 at some frequencies, then you might want to stop at 1 volt instead.]

Once you have found the setting that gives 1.4 volts, leave the volume control there and play a bunch of CDs, taking notice of how loud the music is. If that is not loud enough, you will probably need more power than the C320BEE can deliver. It would be best to step up to at least 150 watts if you are going to step up at all. Note, if you play vinyl, you will probably need more power than if you play CDs because the warps eat up a lot of amp power.
c-372. actually it puts out 170 wpc according to my manual. having owned mid priced b&w's and different nad amps i suggest it is the speaker that is getting befuddled with the heavy demands. with a room that size if you can't get driven out with PAIN using the c-372 you need either counseling, ear wax removal, or a new set of speakers. i suspect it is the speakers that need to go.