Which of these power cords ?

I'm looking to upgrade my sound with upgraded power cords. Given I've got a tube preamp, 2 mono block tube amps, Aurender DAC and 2 Martin Logan speakers - we're talking up to 7 power cords so I'd like to keep the total cost for all of them to $1000ish. 

And some suggest going with one brand, to get the biggest benefit.

Brands on short list include:

Making cables is pretty fun.  I had an older Kimber PK14 and a PK 10 Gold which I got the itch to "upgrade" and so I purchased some Furutech plugs and reterminated them.  Did it improve the sound?  I don't know but it sure was fun to do and they look much better than the Wattgate connectors.  So if you have the inclination, maybe make your own.
I've done the entry level PC route and relly didn't hear much difference.  Pangea comes to mi d. It wasn't until I moved up that things changed.

My advise is to focus on your main source component, like Dac, and find one that makes the change your looking for.

Used us an awesome way to get going. Last generation technology might be an amazing upgade crom stock at 40% ish of stock price.

Once you find what really works for you, sell what didn't and then start upgrading your next location. 

Either way enjoy the journey and listen more to yourself than what others like
Where are Lessloss C-Marc ? They are much better then any cable on your list. 
Power cords make a huge difference depending on your system. If you have a all in one Radio Shack system chances are you won’t here a difference. If you have a system that is revealing then they will. 
That being said I would go with the Shunyata Venom NR series. They are the best bang for the buck. You don’t have to replace all at once. If your budget is $1000 then you have enough for 3 PC’s. I would put them on the amps and preamp. When budget allows then replace one at a time. It’s much better than spending $150 a PC and not getting anywhere near the performance of the Shunyata Venoms.