Which one is the best INTEGRATED!!

My system 
Focal speaker
Esoteric source

I am going to buy a new one but I am not sure about them all which one I should buy.

Here is my integrated list
Karan KA I180 MK2
Accuphase E650, 600
Jeff Rowland Con S2
Burmester 082
Pass labs INT250
Audio Research VSi75
Gryphon Diablo300

@fiza do you have an Accuphase dealer within driving distance to your home? I certainly wouldn't buy an amp without hearing it first, especially in this price range. If you get a chance to hear one then the shop already has it. If that's the case they have to eventually sell it. I saved $6k off MSRP by purchasing a demo. If for some reason you are able to hear it but your shop doesn't have one, first off you tell them you're interested but not for msrp. Ask them if they're willing to contact the distributor to see if you can further work out a deal where you jump on a big order. You can save a lot of money if your equipment is shipped with a larger order. I did this with the DP-430 CDP which I ordered in November but will not be getting until next week. My dealer actually ordered 2 of them and a E-270 which further lowered my cost and his as well. In a nut shell, you have to get the dealer to work for you. If they don't they're not a good dealer and buy something else. You have to be a little patient because Accuphase doesn't have these amps piled up in a warehouse for 110 voltage. I would say with the list of contenders you have here, the world is your oyster. I love my E-600 but I was able to listen to it and was offered a great deal on it. If you end up listening to an Accuphase and have to have it but can't get your hands on one, let me know. You have an amazing list of amplifiers and I don't t think you could go wrong with any of them. 
I've only heard it once and not the DHT version. I've talked to a number of owners that love them. Does the Vinnie Rossi LlO belong on the list.