Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?

*** I am not trying to create a debate or a quarrel with anyone. My discussions are purely having a talks and to express one's experiences. Also to learn fellow audio lovers passion. Please do not disrespect with hurtful words or expressions. Please be more forgiving and understanding in this discussion thread. Thank you." ***

Hopefully one day, someone would say "Mon Acoustic speakers were the turning point in my Hifi life".  😃

My 2ch-audio journey began when my uncle bought his BOSE system at his home (don't even know the model or never really heard it) in early 90s. Bose was rear and expensive in Korea(South) back then. So I started my own system with Bose Cinematics 2.1. Then moved on to Goldenear Triton 3, then to Triton 1. But more utilizing the speakers for AV set ups, not 2 ch stereo.   

When I had my first house, I bought a pair of Revel M105 speakers and I think these are the pair that really changed my audio life. My initial paring with M105 was Yamaha receiver. Then I tried goofie set up with center speaker 3.1 to see if it improves vocal in the songs I liked. We went through many combinations of system set up. I ended up with Chord Electronics set up. 

I still own them. Always struggle time to time, whether to sell them or not due to the number of pairs I own(out of a guilt). I cannot argue how many pairs of shoes my wife owns.  I pair them with NAD M10 (version 1) for my bedroom since my wife likes the warm and well rounded sound, and 80% its white design aspect. 

So what are the speakers that have impacted your life? 



@djones51 I love active speakers as well. My first impressive active speakers were Bose computer speakers, which I thought they were great for the price back then. Now after experiencing Goldenear Triton series and KEF LS series, it's hard not to disagree. But I still believe there is a joy of finding great matching components in passive market. Recently one of my friend suggested DSP in our listening room and we will explore that opportunity as well. 

@mgattmch I had to look up and it shows from 1977 since it redates my birth. What a great era to be in analog audio. Yamaha has had great philosophy in their product development and their quality until now. Even in AV receiver market, one of my favorite brands.

@danager I totally get you. I had my doubts base on my prejudices or my own scientific knowledge which I thought was a common sense knowledge. Audio proved me wrong many times until I experience it myself. 

@vinylzone Apogee Duetta 2 are luxury speakers I have only heard from my senior audio lovers. I don't think I have heard anyone owned them in Korea. What made them special to you? 


@tsacremento Tell me more of your story, please. KEF 104.2 caught my attention long time ago due to its weird design(to my taste), but such great reviews made me curious about them. 


@mckinneymike KEF 105.2! This model is my current R&D inspiration with our existing product models for the US market. Not sure if Jun(Mon Acoustic founder and a designer) would go for it yet. 


@david_ten Oh come on, you need to tell me a story with at least one of your favorite speakers. You must have a story with one of them. Don't be shy.


@stringreen We had some visitors at AXPONA 2022 gave us some feedbacks like your experience. Giving goosebumps. Any feedback like this can make the designer dance. Jun danced to it. I am sure Klipsch team would be happy to hear your experience. 

@pdspecl Sorry, I am not familiar with the model and the brand. But what were the previous speakers you had and gave you the leaping experience? Just so I can understand. 

@sailboat Quad ESL, never had the pleasure yet. But now I want to after reading what you have described!!! 

@koestner Those are tall speakers. Do you remember what you were listening to at the time? 

@jaytor I think most of the regular people who are used to TV speakers, would have out of world sound experience when they hear dipoles sound for the first time. Which, these days, SVS does extremely well at an affordable price range in my opinion. 


I listened to Apogee Duetta Signature II’s for 34 years. Cost me $3900 Then, I had them completely rebuilt by Rich Murray (True Sound Works) 4 years ago and drive them with a Pass Labs X350.8 and PS Audio BHK Pre. Rich worked a miracle and made those Apogees so much better in all ways that we ribbon speaker aficionados love….even some low end punch.

Two weeks ago, I received my pair of the brand new Aspen FR30’s by PS Audio. I ordered in the second tranche last December.  PS Audio offers a 30 trial. Well, I have found my forever speakers. Amazing frequency response, bass punch, sound stage and a Apogee-like wall of sound! 

To be fair, the FR30’s are a bit more than 2X the original purchase plus Rich’s rebuild investment I made in my Apogees. One never knows ;-)