Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?

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Hopefully one day, someone would say "Mon Acoustic speakers were the turning point in my Hifi life".  😃

My 2ch-audio journey began when my uncle bought his BOSE system at his home (don't even know the model or never really heard it) in early 90s. Bose was rear and expensive in Korea(South) back then. So I started my own system with Bose Cinematics 2.1. Then moved on to Goldenear Triton 3, then to Triton 1. But more utilizing the speakers for AV set ups, not 2 ch stereo.   

When I had my first house, I bought a pair of Revel M105 speakers and I think these are the pair that really changed my audio life. My initial paring with M105 was Yamaha receiver. Then I tried goofie set up with center speaker 3.1 to see if it improves vocal in the songs I liked. We went through many combinations of system set up. I ended up with Chord Electronics set up. 

I still own them. Always struggle time to time, whether to sell them or not due to the number of pairs I own(out of a guilt). I cannot argue how many pairs of shoes my wife owns.  I pair them with NAD M10 (version 1) for my bedroom since my wife likes the warm and well rounded sound, and 80% its white design aspect. 

So what are the speakers that have impacted your life? 



Magnaplanar 1C(s) were my first really serious set of speakers. Iterations later it was the Infinity RS-1B(s) and finally the Dunlavy speaker line. I am doubtful that I will ever replace what I have now, given that I am more than 'satisfied' with the performance.

Infinity RS II-a. Bought them at Lyric in NYC ca 1980-82 new and kept them for 15 years. Equally enjoyable the B&W 801 S3 Matrix, which is still in action.

Here is an infinity RS-II A for sale (not affiliated) that came up while looking for a picture.


Horns Mummy by Autotech, followed by Horns Atmosphere MK2.  Similar to Danager, I didn't realize the potential of horns (when done right).  With the Mummy's, I learned what a large soundstage is all about, along with HF clarity, clean bass, speed, etc.  With the Atmosphere, I realized how soft and detailed horns can really be, albeit for a smaller space.  Previously, I had HPM-100, Pioneer (Andrew Jones), various Klipsch models, Definitive Technology, Elac, and Sonus Faber.

Like others here, Apogees .. in my case Slant 6's.  Was working in LA for a few weeks in th early 80's and went into a hifi shop, was a pair of 8's being played, blew me away on how good they sounded  Couldn't afford them but they had 6's which were also awesome, so accurate and fast, and I duly brought a pair and shipped them back to Australia.  Added a pair of Class A Sugden C51/P51 and they changed my world for ever until eventually the 6's ribbons went. After a decade in my garage I found a brilliant guy who makes them in Australia so had new ribbons fitted and the bass speakers reconed, magnificent sounding on my bedroom system, 2 years ago I picked up a pair of 8's very cheap. The 8's are on par with my Dynaudio C2 Plats, but not quite with my Harbeth 40.2's.

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