Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?

*** I am not trying to create a debate or a quarrel with anyone. My discussions are purely having a talks and to express one's experiences. Also to learn fellow audio lovers passion. Please do not disrespect with hurtful words or expressions. Please be more forgiving and understanding in this discussion thread. Thank you." ***

Hopefully one day, someone would say "Mon Acoustic speakers were the turning point in my Hifi life".  😃

My 2ch-audio journey began when my uncle bought his BOSE system at his home (don't even know the model or never really heard it) in early 90s. Bose was rear and expensive in Korea(South) back then. So I started my own system with Bose Cinematics 2.1. Then moved on to Goldenear Triton 3, then to Triton 1. But more utilizing the speakers for AV set ups, not 2 ch stereo.   

When I had my first house, I bought a pair of Revel M105 speakers and I think these are the pair that really changed my audio life. My initial paring with M105 was Yamaha receiver. Then I tried goofie set up with center speaker 3.1 to see if it improves vocal in the songs I liked. We went through many combinations of system set up. I ended up with Chord Electronics set up. 

I still own them. Always struggle time to time, whether to sell them or not due to the number of pairs I own(out of a guilt). I cannot argue how many pairs of shoes my wife owns.  I pair them with NAD M10 (version 1) for my bedroom since my wife likes the warm and well rounded sound, and 80% its white design aspect. 

So what are the speakers that have impacted your life? 



Altec Lansing Bias 550

I have been enjoying them for the past 20 years+. Plug and play.  All in one.  Positioning, amplification, cabling, inputs, never a problem.  Connected to a CD player or other digital device.  I consider them my headphones of loud speakers.  I listen to them for hours at a time, never find them fatiguing.  

Klipsch Forte II

Purchased from a friend 20 years ago.  Kept them in the closet until recently.  Originally found them a bit harsh on the top end.  Replaced some components with the help of Crites.  Now, I put them into use in the yard.  Lively and fun.       

I have a few other speakers but, those two stand out for me.

My ultimate replacements for these:

Wilson Audio Alexx +

Klipsch Jubilee 


The first very good system I heard, probably 40 years ago, was using the B & W 801. 




Totem Model One Signature.  Just put them in my system a few days ago.  Life changed.  

Wow what a cool question. I would like to go back and listen to all the speakers that I thought were the best when I bought them but...sigh can't do it. So here goes,  I scraped together money from selling anything I could when I was 25 and I bought some M & K speakers with a sub. OMG I was in heaven. Until I got married and my wife said those speakers look kinda weird. She made me sell them She was miss PR so I did whatever she told me....some of you can relate.....she then bought me a pair of 2ce's vandersteens. Those were great but......later on after the divorce..I sold those vandys and bought a pair of Maggie 1.6's . OHHhhhh they were so good that i thought I would never sell them.....but ....actually I didn't sell them I had the 1.6's speakers Gunned.  I was in heaven with them until I moved to a Florida House ohhhhh the (the house) was so bad when it comes to room placement. That I finally gave up doing the maggie dance and bought a pair of QLN 3's.

I may never sell these QLN speakers ......but I really miss the magestands in the proper room. BTW I did not sell the Magnestands,   I gave him to a friend who also lives in a Florida House and he loves them but.....he likes Klipsch now because he feels the room does not really interact with the klipsch speakers like it does with the magnestands