Which Patricia Barber album floats yer boat?

As far as my knowledge is concerned and from all the reading that I do, “Blood on the tracks” by Bob Dylan is considered to be his best album by far. For Joni Mitchell it is “Blue”. What really amazes me is that there is no general consensus on which album of Patricia Barber is the best. Some prefer “Modern Cool”, some “Companion”, some think “Nightclub” is her best album! I think it is “Café Blue” Why? Cause the two tracks numbered 9 (Too Rich for my blood), and 11 (Nardis) strike a chord in me like no other songs of her. They have the energy which seem to ooze out from the system in spades.

Which album of Patricia Barber floats yer boat and why?
I think that many songs on Fortnight are among the most enjoyable, including Witchcraft which I love to listen to often.
Sogood51 - sorry - no, not funny - what I mean is I prefer her playing and that of her band, to her singing

Dmurfet, Ok...I understand, her band is first rate and I agree with you. To be honest I'm kind of an instrument type of guy anyway and find myself wishing the same for many albums.

To those of you who

a) are audiophiles and
b) found some of the more strange singing to not be your cup of tea

You should rush right out and buy "Split".

Trust me, it's all about Split.

The rest of this stuff is from her commercial and/or experimental archive.