Which plasma Runco vs fujitsu 50 in.

Which of this two plasma would be best (or any other suggestion)for a family room. home theater. Will not be able to block light completely out.

The Runco will spank the Fujitsu. I believe the Runco's are Panasonic panels with Runco video processors. If you can't afford the Runco, you can get 90% of the performance with a stock Panasonic for much less.

New panels are coming out all the time. The best test is to view them yourself. Look for good black level and black shading which most plasmas have about 2 shades of Charcoal. Complex imagages that move will show the quality of the processor. Tree foilage is a good test. It will pixilate as the camera pans. Also look for solarization in sky scenes. The better panel will have smooth variation in blue shades.

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Every year the Plasmas are becoming better.The Runco is very good but still not perfect and their asking price, just is too high.The black levels are getting better but still are not up to anywhere CRT level.If you willing to wait a little longer,I think there will be another substantial improvement in the next generations.Within the last 2 years picture quality has made drastic jumps in pixelation,black level,and overall color quality.With the heavy discounting on the net,you proabbly could find yourself a good deal if you are inpatient.
Panasonic 50in Plasma is the best of all standard current plasma Tv. I have had the chance to compare the Fujitsu, Elite and XBR with the Panasonic being the winner..
The new line of Runco uses the Pioneer Elite as their base, not the Panasonic. Though mentioned that the Runco will be 90% of the stock Panasonic, well, that would be subjective.
Now if you want to say a stock Runco to the other manufacturers, surely there is a gap, probably 10%, if measurable, but throw in the scaler Runco does, and the gap widens 3 fold.

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