Which player has all this????

I am trying to find a tubed player that can do SACD, has balanced outputs, upsampling, and a preamp with volume control. Budget new or used is around 3000.00, but can go higher. I am currently using Denon 3910 (no mods)through a Sunfire Theatre Grand II processor, Classe seven hundred monos, and B&W 800N. Current sound is a bit bright and grainy. I am trying to fix that. Does this CDP exist?
You don't HAVE to keep H/T and 2-channel seperate at all(unless you just want to) I have successfully integrated both, as have many others, without compromises being necessary. You can also actually connect an APL-modded Denon 3910 directly to your amp if you wish - in fact Alex Peychev, the owner, recommends this. Purchasers have actually sold their preamps after connecting their 3910 directly to their amps!! You might check the APL website and forums for more info on this.

When APL-modded, the 3910 plays CDs, DVDs and SACDs like nothing you will have heard before under $10K, and you can still retain multi-channel and movies. Incidentally, with the modification, you have your choice of solid state or TUBED and yes, it DOES make a big difference.

ALso do not overlook good quality cables - the 800N is a very good speaker and you might even call B&W and ask them for speaker/ic cable suggestions in your price range.

If you are not doing vinyl, there's really not a compelling reason to get a tubed pre-amp if you take the APL suggestion I outlined above. Hope this helps a little - just another possible path.
I purchased a McIntosh MCD201 about a month ago. I compared it to Cary Audio's $4,000 CD player that was tube and had upsampling. I was sure I was going to buy the Cary until I heard the MCD201. I am using a C2200 preamp with MC402 amp and Martin Logan Ascent i speakers. It sounds great. I have hooked the MCD201 straight to the amp but I couldn't tell a difference.

Change out the stock 12at7 chinese tubes in your c2200 , it will really improve detail and make the c2200 come to life. Telefunken ecc801s did the trick for mine, you only need to change the 2 in the front quad if you dont use phono.