which powercord? jps,esp,shunyata....?

i"m looking for power cords to my system
levinson 23.5 and 26 and my cd is bat.
After trying and wasting my money stupidly with over rated and expensive chords designed to look pretty and strong, I was blown away by the Absolute Power Chord, suddenly the equipment and cables ceased to exist and all I was experiecing was the beauty of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, try this item, it's less than $50.00 but let's your system perform, with out the worry of wether you were just screwed out of your money.

Call David at:
Damoka International
New York, NY
(212) 625-3689 (tel.)
(212) 625-3691 (fax)
i have 2 viper2s,one nbs statement and recently installed 2 whale elites that made more of a difference,at 1/2 the cost of the others,in my 2 amps.they are very good cords.great bass response,better vocals,better transient response.
Ravi -

Echoing Calloway's post; I've got Shunyata Viper's / Sidewinder's and BMI Whale Elite's. I'm very pleased with them after sampling a hoard of their competitors - including the JPS and owning the E.S.P "Essence". The ESP is not in the same league with the other fine cords you mention. Check with Paul at www.FatWyre.com about borrowing those cords to sample for a nominal fee. Thats the only way to go about it, not sampling the "pearls of wisdom" from the peanut gallery, however telling. Just remember - YMMV.

BMI cables are great, and stupid great for the money.
I have had great luck with Eel Reference Custom model by BMI.

Very quiet, excellent dynamics, fast transient attack.
If you have around 500 to spend,then go for the whale.I've tried other big buck PC's and the BMI whale is the most neutral of them all....Check out the feedback or better yet,order one direct.You'll be glad you did.........