Which preamp for a pass labs?

I bought a Pass Labs xa 30.5 and now I have to choose between a Pass Labs XP 10 preamp or an Audio Research ls 25 MK2. Which one would you choose? Which balanced cables do you recommend to connect pre and final?
Thank you
Alright, I'll go against the grain and say ARC. I am one of many folks who use ARC preamps with Pass Labs, and I am very happy, I think they blend very well.
The Pass Labs house sound is very full and warm, while the ARC sound is high resolution.
In my opinion, all ARC is too bright for my tastes, and all Pass Labs is too dark for my tastes. Together, the balance is just right.

Obviously, others will have other opinions.
I ran an LS25 MK1 into an X350 and thought they went together really well. I now use a Ref2 with the X350 and again a good combo. It's like McGrogan said, they complement each other very well.

The LS25 is now running an ARC VT100 and the sound is much leaner than it was with the X350. I'm still trying to work that out. It could just be the VT100 is just getting tired. I bought it used.

I will admit I've never tried any of the Pass preamps. It probably wouldn't be a bad choice. The LS25 does have an incredible amount of input/output options so that might also count for something.
@mizioa  Going (used) with the XP-10 makes a lot of sense. I'm very happy and pleased with my XP-20 and XA-30.8 pairing. Support from Pass has been terrific (for questions) and both components are so well built, including the remote.

I've also owned ARC gear and have been very happy with those components.

Either way, you are making a great choice. I was looking at other preamps and decided to maintain in-house synergy, but that isn't a necessity.

As for balanced cables, that depends on your budget. Many threads here at Audiogon on cable preferences. I am using Cardas Clear Reflection and Audience Au24 SX cabling. You have many, many choices.
I would suggest Pass  either an xp10 or 20 would be a perfect match. As for cables I am using these and they are excellent regardless of price.


Enjoy the music