Which preamp for a pass labs?

I bought a Pass Labs xa 30.5 and now I have to choose between a Pass Labs XP 10 preamp or an Audio Research ls 25 MK2. Which one would you choose? Which balanced cables do you recommend to connect pre and final?
Thank you
If I had to choose between an ARC LS 25 Mk2 andd a Pass Labs XC-10 (or -12), I'd get a Herron Audio VTSP-360.  Smokes both and takes no prisoners.  No point in using "balanced cables" since they do nothing at all to improve the quality of a standard 2-conductor.  All the "balanced" hype is pure BS. 
All the "balanced" hype is pure BS.

It has it's place with long runs of interconnect >10mts for less noise.

But you are more right than you know, when you say it's BS.
As many sources, preamps and poweramps with balanced inputs or outputs are fake!!
In that they are single ended topology circuits, with just an opamp on the input or output to make them have balanced inputs or outputs.

All along you'll get better sound using the single ended inputs or outputs on these because then you are bypassing those opamp/s.

Cheers George   
Actually at this level these components are balance from input to output. There is no balanced to single conversion going on. Both the LS25 and the Pass X amps are meant to be run balanced but will work with a single ended connection. But that's really kind of a waste of what these components can do. If you run the LS25 single ended you're literally only running one half of the preamp.

If you're going this route go buy good XLR cables even for short runs. I agree a lot of components are single ended internally but not the ARCLS25 or Pass amps. Otherwise you'd be better served with components that are meant to be used single ended. It's part of the reason these boxes cost what they cost.
I am using ARC Ref 5se with Pass 100.5's and switch with an ARC Ref 75. I am actually having a hard time picking which I like better. When I was looking I was told, that the ARC LS25 MKll is a very good preamp and the Ref 3 just a little better. I never considered a solid state Pre amp, because I like the warm sound from the tubes. I will admit I have been an ARC fan since the SP 3.
OK- why just ARC and Pass- no other choices?

I would suggest a balanced tube preamp for a Pass and there are plenty out there.
All the "balanced" hype is pure BS.
This statement is false. To start with there is no hype. To end with, the balanced line system was devised specifically eliminate artifact from cables. If you like one cable over another in an audition, then you know what I mean by 'artifact'.

I am constantly amazed that there is any push back at all on balanced line- you'd think audiophile types would love a cable that is simultaneously inexpensive, tonally neutral, low noise and revealing, in any length. Why pay more for cables that don't bring home the bacon?