Which preamp to go with pass labs x150.8

Hi all, 

I am getting Pass Labs X150.8. I am considering following preamps: 

Simaudio Moon P740 

Ayre KX-5 Twenty 

Audio Research LS28SE

Pass Labs X12

Which preamp would sound the best with the amp? 

Thanks for your input. 


+2 for Aric Audio. As I’m typing,I’m listening to Aric’s Motherlode II,and a First Watt J2.  I find the combination pure magic. 



I have a PS Audio BHK pre amp that I sometimes use with my  X250 and some times I use my BHK 250 amp both sound fantastic the tubs in the BHK sound a little warmer to my ears when I am listening to Jazz, All so in my opinion both of these companies offer the best in the  business service after the sale.

@mbmi - Have you heard the Audio-gd and what preamps are you making your statement against? Also, the reviewer offers zero context as to what against that preamp is the best ever he's heard

What a silly statement. Explain all the Hybrid integrated's on the market today and that are selling quite well. Rouge, Pathos, McIntosh, PL, Unison Research, Canor Audio, Mod Wright, Circle Labs, Vinni Rossi.


I do not suggest a tube preamp with any SS amplifier,as it is not a good match.