Which purist interconnect??

Hi, My related equipment is Music Reference RM9 MKll,
Audio Research sp9 mklll with GNSC ref. mod and Aethetix
Rhea with GNSC ref. mod. So I need two sets of interconnects. I am currently using Cardas Golden Ref.
My budget is not unlimited, perhaps in the range of the Cardas Cable.
W my equipment, I found the Cardas GR a tad slow or thick. You might want to consider Jade Audio Vermeil, which new is a bit less that the GR but comes up used less often. Not sure if JD has any demos but worth a call email.
I have recently switched from Cardas Golden Cross to PAD Venustas. Will have to get back to you on the results as they have not arrived. The Venustas would seem to be the best choice in your price range.
Cardas is a great cable, but system matching is key. The purist venastas should be a little lighter a foot, more tranparency and more quiet. The purist proteus provectus even more with more dramatic gains in tranparency, naturalness, along with it being evenhanded across the frenquency range...all off this from my personal experience.

I have heard each cable sound great, the system context and your goals are key here....
Fusion Audio Romance IC1.
For quite a few this has become the last interconnect upgrade, having tried it out in my system, I can see myself going in that direction. While I know what its flaws are, I would still call it flawless simply because I rarely get to notice the flaws, it is so correct sounding. One of the best midrange, with superb highs and clean sweet bass, no overhang, no slowing down of music, no veils, no jaggery just amazing instruments all around.