Which SACDs?

I recently acquired an Oppo BDP105. I primarily use it for its DAC and to play CDs. It will play SACDs.

I do not have any SACDs and I don’t really intend to collect SACDs.

But I wouldn’t mind having a few just to see what they’re like. So I’m looking for recommendations for a few must-have SACDs.

I’m into rock. Dire Straits, Police, Floyd, Steely Dan, Rush, Knopfler. A little classical. A tiny bit of jazz. But, I'm open to almost anything that is sonically pleasing.

I’m assuming Aja, DSOTM, Brothers In Arms, Wish You Were Here will be on the list. What else?

What is a good source for SACDs?

What are the chances I’ll be able to tell the difference between SACD and CD? (The rest of my system is Aerial Acoustics 6B towers. Madrigal Proceed HPA2 amp, AR LS-16 tube pre-amp).

I do not have golden ears.


Thanks guys. Some good stuff to look into.

Got a little sticker shock when I looked for Wish You Where Here SACD on eBay. None used. Lowest price new was about $55.

I certainly believe a SACD can sound better than a CD but am skeptical that it would sound 10 times better!  ;-)

Just read the review above, and some others, of the Hendrix album. It is $45 but I might bite on that one.

Check to see if Acoustic Sounds still has them.  The are the ones who produced  the SACD.  I think I paid around 40$ from them when they first came out.  If you find it, be careful.  There are 4 versions on the disk:  the surround sound on SACD and the stereo version on SACD.  Also you have the stereo CD version and the surround CD version all on 1 cd.  Thats why it is a bit more expensive.
SACDs have a much higher bit rate than Red Book CDs.  They should sound better, all things being equal.  
Just tuning in. Thank you OP for the question and thanks for all the great suggestions. Any interest in SACD multichannel?
n80, As stereo5 said, Acoustic Sounds has Pink Floyd and Jimi for $35 each with free shipping over $49.


This is full premium price. Nonpremium SACDs list at $30.

You can also check Music Direct (MoFi). They usually have sales 10 - 15% off around holidays. Maybe one coming up for Labor Day. Music Direct usually also has some closeout/on sale SACDs.


You can sometimes find them cheaper on Amazon. You know how they change their prices.

Search ebay for SACD and a lot will come up and then you can sort by genre, price, etc. You can probably find something you’d like there cheaper.