Which separates would you choose Adcom v Anthem?

Between these two, Adcom GTP 870HD/GFA 7607or 7707 vs Anthem AVM-50/MCA 50, which would you choose? Any experience? Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
Anthem, and I own Rotel and Lexicon but Anthem is a step above, ofcourse you gotta pay for it.
I've had success with Anthem products (AVM-2, Int-2). Well built with good to excellent sonic quality. I paricularly liked the Integrated 2 with good quality tubes in the front end.

Adcom products I have owned (GFA-535, GFA-555 or tried out GPA-1) did seem to have the build quailty or fidelity of the Anthem products. A bit hard and edgy to my ears.

My opinion only.
I have good familiarity with both of these products and the Anthem is worth the extra $2k, if you have it. However, Adcom makes a very value oriented product. The Anthem is more musical and provides a wider sound stage. If you're looking in that price range, you should also consider the B&K Ref 70/Ref 200.5 combo. It's more reliable and sounds every bit as good as the Anthem. I've had a situation where the Anthem factory could not determine the cause of failure, nor repair their own gear for one of my clients. Let me know what you think.
Anthem D2/MCA50 owner here.

Really, really good stuff. Sound, build quality, and the interfaces on the processor are all excellent.

I have no complaints whatsoever about this HT front end. I haven't used Adcom, but I think you'd be pretty happy with Anthem.