which should I get Rogue RP5, Hegel P20, Belles Aria Preamp, Audible Illusion Modulus 3B

First of all, I will be auditioning and comparing all of the above next week, and although ears are the best judge, I would like readers to comment on their experience with any of these units. SQ, service, tube quality and life, and other pro and cons. I believe that the new Belles Signature (or virtuoso) preamp will be included to the audition.  Thanks for your comments...

My system consist of

  1. Belles virtuoso 200wpc dual amp
  2. Vandersteen 2ce sig
  3. Linn LP12 , Lingo 3, Itok LVII, Ortofon 2M Black
  4. Auralic 1C streamer
  5. Kimber 8tc bi wire speaker cables
  6. Audioquest Red River audio connects



I bought the Belles Aria Signature preamp a little over a year ago, and have been very pleased. Feeding my two older Belles MB200 mono blocks to Vandersteen Treo’s.

Wonderfull combo. The Signature is very transparent and neutral, but with a very full and slightly warm sound David is quite well known for.

If the Signature is also being demoed, I would take a good listen.

I have to imagine your audition is with Johnny Rutan, whom I got my Signature through. Have fun.

Following.  I have a Schiit Freya + with Belles Aria monoblocks into Vandersteen 3a Signatures.  Wondering what an upgrade from the Freya would be.  I’ve heard the Belles Aria Signature integrated at Audio Connection and thought it was excellent. Have thought about pulling the trigger on Signature preamp but also interested in Rogue or LTA for tubes and Benchmark or SPL for solid state. I have a mix of balanced and single ended connections now so looking for something with both.  What dealer are you working with?

nymarty     I'm working with Audio Connection. I will be in NJ next week for an audition. Moving from an Audible Illusion Mod 3A . I like tubby sound but not blinded to explore SS. 

Ended without he Belles Aria Signature pre. More natural tube like sound. The Rogue did not matched well with my Virtuoso amp. Was too edgy.