which should I get Rogue RP5, Hegel P20, Belles Aria Preamp, Audible Illusion Modulus 3B

First of all, I will be auditioning and comparing all of the above next week, and although ears are the best judge, I would like readers to comment on their experience with any of these units. SQ, service, tube quality and life, and other pro and cons. I believe that the new Belles Signature (or virtuoso) preamp will be included to the audition.  Thanks for your comments...

My system consist of

  1. Belles virtuoso 200wpc dual amp
  2. Vandersteen 2ce sig
  3. Linn LP12 , Lingo 3, Itok LVII, Ortofon 2M Black
  4. Auralic 1C streamer
  5. Kimber 8tc bi wire speaker cables
  6. Audioquest Red River audio connects




As a Belles Signature preamp owner, congrats!

It will get better as it breaks in too.

I have Treo’s (non-CT) I picked up for a great price, and also 2CE Sigs. The 2CE Sig is a wonderful speaker, still have mine, but keep your eyes peeled for some Treo’s. Another very different level in detail, imaging, air, and refinement.

Good luck

@lobinero  congrats on the new preamp!  Audio Connection is the best.  John is one of a kind and Jeff is great to work with.  I’m also thinking my next speaker upgrade will be Treo CTs.  I love the 3a’s right now but that Treo CT is special.  I’d love to jump to the Quattro CT, which I’ve heard a few times at AC, but just too much $, even demo or used.  Enjoy that Belles combo — I’m sure it sounds amazing, even before really burning in.

I have an AI Modulus 3A combined with a Belles SA-100. Great combination, but i don't like the stepwise volume control in the AI, especially when streaming music. Was wondering if the Belles Aria would be a good substitute. Any thoughts about that?