Which Shunyata Power Cord?

Which Shunyata cord under $1k has great soundstage and warm tone?

New or used, new or old.


I have not had that good of luck with Shunyata, but spectacular luck with the new AudioQuest Storm series. @audphile1 +1 on Hurricane!


I found the Audio Quest to be completely and utterly neutral, with incredibly low noice floor and dynamics on my amp. Cardas are warm. I spent a year experimenting with power cords for my amps.

Yep the last shunyata power cord I tried, Alpha v2 XC, caused listening fatigue. I ended up returning it. The older Python and Typan Helix Alpha cables that i had for years were more balanced but still not warm.

Another alternative is Audience AU24SE HP. But I would go with the Hurricane. Awesome bass and never bright. 

The XC series are to be used with power distribution /conditioners only... I use the Alpha v2 nr’s on all of my components and they sound wonderful...no listening fatigue at all...


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The XC series are to be used with power distribution /conditioners only... 

I don’t think so. It’s a high current power cord and is suitable for use on amplifiers. Which is where it was tested in my system. It managed to turn my Pass Labs XA30.8 into a bright and fatiguing amp which is nearly an impossible task n

All of my components are powered by Shunyata NR cords. The NR (noise reduction) cords really do “quiet” my system allowing for hearing more minute details and expanding the sound space in all dimensions.