Which Shunyata Power Cord?

Which Shunyata cord under $1k has great soundstage and warm tone?

New or used, new or old.


You should check out Triode Wire Labs. Pretty sure they offer a generous trial period and good value as they sell direct. Best of luck.


@aolmrd1241 I need to amend my earlier post. I thought it was the XC version but I double checked my email and my music direct order was for the alpha v2 nr in 1.75m. Sorry for the confusion. But it is the NR that turned my XA30.8 into a fatiguing beast.

Wow! I use one on my Coda 8 and the pairing is superb. Just goes to show it’s always best to try before you buy.

As a matter of fact I liked the pairing so well that I am replacing the Alpha v2 nr with a Sigma v2 nr soon.

Shunyata is far from bright in my system. A good cable for the money is the Alpha NR V1 or Alpha HC.