Which solid state amp for Von Schweikert VR-4.5?

Am still looking for a good solid state amp to drive my VR 4.5's. Looking to spend under $1500 used. Want detail and as clean a sound as I can get for the money. Not looking for smooth or euphonic amps. Preamp is tube unit (6SN7's). Considering Parasound A21, McCormack DNA-1 (too smooth?), Classe CA-150/151/200/201, Pass X150, CIA D-200. What amp(s) would you recommend?
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Getting back on topic here.
An excellent choice! Honestly, given you list I don't think you would have lost with any of them.
I own a pair of 4.5's as well and power them with Simaudio W5.
I used to own a DNA-1 Deluxe in a different system and it was really a terrific amp - certainly NOT too smooth. You may not even feel the need to do the SMc mods especially given the expense. I sold it in an upgraditis mode (and wanting balanced outputs) but wish I still had that amp.

I am going to try biamping with a tube amp for the highs and keep the W5 for the lows. You may want to consider that for the price of the amp upgrade.
Check out the Von Schweikert Audio forum on AudioCircle where Albert himself makes this very suggestion. No active crossover required!!!
actually tried musical fidelity a308cr, arragon palladiums, and bi amping with 211 tube mono blocks up top. Ran this with a conrad johnson ct6 tube preamp. always found these speakers harsh when driven compared to thiel 3.6's or ribbon speakers. good bass but the highs really suck. for the money they are not worth it!!
I respectfully disagree. ;) I love these speakers for their highs and their lows. Different strokes for different folks!