Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?

I have a Conrad Johnson lp70 for my Acoustats and would like to pick up a good SS amp. My budget is about $2,500-3,000.

Jeff Rowland 525

Jeff Rowlan Model 5

Threshold s/5000e

Krell  KSA-250

Thank you in advance.


I'd easily take the Bryston listed above, compared to your list above... second choice would be the Krell.

Thank you for your suggestions. I am using a recapped ARC SP9 preamp and listen to orchestral and chamber music but I do love Rock.  I have a set of Quad 63s and although their midrange is beautiful I prefer the visceral effect I get from the Acoustats.  I have to admit that resale value is important only because there is always something to upgrade.  


I'm not familiar with the specific Threshold on your list but I'm a serious Threshold fan.  I have SA-200 monoblocks.  After 20 years of use one of my cats decided to pee on one of them.  I bundled both up and sent them to Threshold for them to look at and refresh.  They told me that one of the amps was slightly out of spec.  Not bad for 20 years of use.

I've seen SA-200s offered for sale but I have no idea if any are currently available, or at what price.  When I looked (just out of curiosity) a few years ago, purchasing a pair and sending them to Threshold for whatever needed to be done would fit in your budget. Outstanding amps.  And they were in the Pass era.

I also have FET-10 pre-amps.  If you stumble across someone who's selling both, consider it if you can fit it in your budget.

Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving.