Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?

I have a Conrad Johnson lp70 for my Acoustats and would like to pick up a good SS amp. My budget is about $2,500-3,000.

Jeff Rowland 525

Jeff Rowlan Model 5

Threshold s/5000e

Krell  KSA-250

Thank you in advance.


New. Parasound A21+.
Used. Too many to mention. I very much like my Pass X250 which would fall into your budget but rarely show up on the market.

Krell KSA owner here........ but look at the amps mentioned above by jjss49.

They are newer and won't require service anytime soon.

I still own a Rowland 5 but moved it to my AV system as it wasn't as smooth as the CJ Premier 11a I now use.

Agree with the Belles recco, and some of the older Classe that is actually Class A are really excellent

I have the Nelson Pass Nakamichi PA –7 for sale. Hard to beat. Built like a tank. Sounds fantastic at 200 wants per channel. Nashville $1350