Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?

I have a Conrad Johnson lp70 for my Acoustats and would like to pick up a good SS amp. My budget is about $2,500-3,000.

Jeff Rowland 525

Jeff Rowlan Model 5

Threshold s/5000e

Krell  KSA-250

Thank you in advance.


I recommend one of the class D amps … Orchard audio or one with Purifi units inside. The Orchard Ultra has great sound for the $$.

I have Acoustat 2+2’s and Spectra 66’s. I am currently using a Mark Levinson ML-9 (which can be had pretty reasonably) and I’m extremely happy. I have a Rowland 5 I just purchased coming this week. I will see how it does compared to the ML9 and my Acoustat Trans Nova amps. 

I believe the Rega Elex R is all you need and can save a few dollars. These are lovely non harsh sounding amps.

Used FM Acoustics that I am selling for $3000.  AL the others above cannot compete.


Happy Listening.