Which songs/albums take you back to college?

Some of my most vivid memories are from my college years and certain albums/songs really transport me back in time. Just curious what those may be for you.

1. Pearl Jam - Ten. Nothing defines my college experience more than this, nothing. Every song has a special meaning.

2. Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger. Lots of drinking happened to this album, memories a little fuzzy.

3. Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy. New romance.

4. Tool - Undertow. I'm really sick of college (esp electromagnetics) at this point and this album lets me rage.
Violent Fems, U2 Joshua Tree, Talking Heads Stop Making Sence, The Cult. I was young and foolish...
Freshman year, some guy down the hall in my dorm played "Lady" by Styx (or was it Kansas?) over and over at high volume. I still shudder whenever I hear it.

Bob Seger (Live Bullet) was always in rotation in Michigan. The first Boston album was released just as I left for school. Talking Heads, Genesis, Springsteen, The Who, Rod Stewart, Patti Smith, Sly Stone and a bunch of others, including Elvis, played locally -Ann Arbor, Detroit and/or Pontiac- and were always heard a lot after the shows took place. Sometimes a song on the radio will recall one of those performances. Same deal with George Thorogood.

Paul Westerberg's first foray into solo stuff (post-Replacements), REM, Live, and then some stuff that I just could not stomach like Blind Melon and the theme song to the show "Friends" and that type of soft edgeless music.