Which speaker among Dali, Dynaudio and Acoustic Energy should I choose?

Greetings to all, 
I am considering to upgrade my 20-year old speaker, the Audio Pro Black Diamond.
Recently I came across 3 models under clearance from different dealers which are heavily discounted and for which I am unable to audition due to the on-going pandemic. They are
1) Dali Rubicon 6 - (for what is equivalent to USD2400 in local currency after a 50% discount)
2) Dynaudio Excite X34 - ( also USD2400 after a 19% discount)
3) Acoustic Energy Reference 3 - (for what is equivalent to USD2800 after a 55% discount)

These are to be driven by a hybrid integrated amplifier which outputs the firstt 20W in Class A and up to 140W in Class A/B.

I listen to all types of music except hard rock, heavy metal and classical. I would appreciate any inputs about the said speakers (or any of them); knowing very well that it is illogical to expect someone to have heard all of speakers above.

I hate to say but I wouldn't do any of these.  You have a pure Class A to 20 watts.  I would be searching for higher sensitivity.  The highest sensitivity you have listed is the Acoustic Energy Reference 3 at 90 db/.  The Dali is 88.5 and the Dynaudio is 86.  To push them to greater listening volume you will be dipping into the A/B segment of the amp.  Might try the AER 3's and see how they sound with your amp first.  This is just my humble opinion but I believe you would be happier with a 95 db or higher sensitivity to leave the amp as a true class A at good listening volume. 
Look for 90 dB sensitivity at a minimum with 20W of Class A.

You will not be happy with anything on your list. Dark and muddy.

Thanks for the advice, Never really did make the connection between Class A and low dB. There must be some truth to it given that both of you advocate against it.

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That Dali Rubicon 6 is no slouch.  I heard them at a dealer in Dallas and was very impressed with their hybrid tweeter module. Another thing I liked about them is that they have nice, articulate bass and did not seem to have a mid-bass "hump", which some speakers employ to make you think they have more/deeper bass than they actually have.  88.5 dB sensitivity doesn't seem that low to me, if you have 140 wpc on hand.