Which speaker among Dali, Dynaudio and Acoustic Energy should I choose?

Greetings to all, 
I am considering to upgrade my 20-year old speaker, the Audio Pro Black Diamond.
Recently I came across 3 models under clearance from different dealers which are heavily discounted and for which I am unable to audition due to the on-going pandemic. They are
1) Dali Rubicon 6 - (for what is equivalent to USD2400 in local currency after a 50% discount)
2) Dynaudio Excite X34 - ( also USD2400 after a 19% discount)
3) Acoustic Energy Reference 3 - (for what is equivalent to USD2800 after a 55% discount)

These are to be driven by a hybrid integrated amplifier which outputs the firstt 20W in Class A and up to 140W in Class A/B.

I listen to all types of music except hard rock, heavy metal and classical. I would appreciate any inputs about the said speakers (or any of them); knowing very well that it is illogical to expect someone to have heard all of speakers above.

These were my listening notes on the Dynaudio Excite X34 when I was speaker shopping last year:

Dynaudio X34 Excite: ($1995): Looser especially in the low end than the Monitor Audio Silver 300 and the Audio Physic Sparta. Plays rhythms much more clearly than the Rega RX-3. Bass is pretty deeper, but less well controlled (with my amp?). Rolled off a bit in the high frequencies for greater smoothness? Bass sounded a little loose...might need more attention to placement? Great rock speakers. A little loose in the bass for classical music.

Summary:  The sound felt a little loose and not so well controlled, but worked great for rock and metal.
Thanks to everyone who responded (the beauty of online forum!).  Yes, nothing beats actually listening to the speakers to know how they sound. I guess I'd have to wait until this pandemic situation eases to a point where travel restrictions is lifted here.
Anyway, responses from a few of you about speakers SPL and keeping the amp running in Class A (up to 20W) have prompted me to dig in a bit deeper on the calculation.
It seems the SPL level of the 3 speakers are rated based on per 2.83V, not per Watt. 
Rubicon 6/ 4 ohms / 88.5 dB
Dynaudio Excite34 / 8 ohms / 86 dB
Acoustic Energy Ref 3 / 6 ohms / 90dB

Converting those figures to per watt equivalent where nominal impedance is factored in, the figures per Watt per meter would be
Rubicon - 85.5 dB
Dynaudio - 86 dB
AEnergy - 88.7 dB

The Rubicon would be the one that produces the lowest sound pressure per watt.
Just sharing!