which speaker cables to buy?

I have PSB I65's and need advice on which cables to run. They will need to be about 10-12 feet. Would like some good quality wires but do not want to spend alot if the sound would not benefit greatly. I do not have any idea what speaker cable cost per quality so I do not have a price in mind that I need to spend. Please give advice.
If you're a person of modest income like myself who prioritizes family needs and buying quality healthy foods, I'd just buy cables from sellers like Blue Jean Cables (and the other sellers out there that sell decent, quality cables sans the bluster).
Concurring with Byegolly, I have found Blue Jeans interconnects to be a great value, well constructed with good neutral performance. I do have not tried their speaker cable.
Hi-I have been impressed with the inexpensive models from Kimber and MIT speaker cable. Try buying used. If you dont like it you can always sell it. Also, lately I tried the anti cables for $10 per foot. I really did not care for the rigidity of the cables-like coat-hanger wire. However, I have not yet used them so I cant comment on the sound quality.
Seriously, you'd be hard-pressed to get better-engineered cable with better copper than the AudioQuest closeouts at HCM Audio. I provided the links in my previous post. We're talking $79.95 for an 8-foot pair of multi-gauge (12 ga. aggregate) solid core high purity long grain crystal copper with hand terminations of copper or silver spades or bananas.
Thanks for all the insight into cable/prices. This gives me a good starting point into I would assume ( from reading forums) the beginning of my rollercoaster ride with cables into the near and distant future.
I will start my search with these in mind; Blue jean, Signal Cable, Anti, and Audio Quest.