Which SPEAKER for the 21ST century?

Cones vs Electrostats vs Ribbons Can we all somewhat agree that the speaker is the most important component in our system? We are all familiar with the cone driver. Has the old tech cone(mid/high) driver reached its potential zenith? Does the electrostats have the potential to become more efficient? Size less overwhelming? As well will the prices ever become reasonable? And last will the new tech(mid/high) ribbons become the choice drivers for high fidelity music reproduction for the new century? All comments are well appreciated.Thanks
Just got word from Rick at Selah Audio and Jeff at Sonic Audio(Accuton specialist). All Rick says is that your after sensitivity.(???) Jeff agrees with me about over-kill. Says that a 3 way with the R-3 is confusing to him. He's not sure how to work a xover for your proposal. From your statement that you feel you need a mid. That kinda tells me that a Ribbon+Midrange is possibly more interesting than the 25 lb.Raven-3 acting as midrange+tweeter. Ribbons in reference are the ESg2,3 Raven 1,2 Philips RT9, RSQ8P/11. It's the limited vertical dispersion thing with ribbons. So even though the R-3 gives a seamless mid/treble image, you still have the dispersion problem when you stand up. It's a trade-off. I get the feeling you are looking for some "body" to the mid section? Midrange + Ribbon
I usualy have to biamplify with the oris and raven I had to tri amplify what a pain worked great .I use now A.S.L. dove 300b western electric tubes .I have heard many types of amps and love the sound of a low watt s.e.t.They are simple and have the best mids I have heard.so 300b on the mid small class a solid state on the raven ,rega exons on the cabaz .Also I have a pair off like new raven r-1s about 3 months old that I tried for a while ,Id like to sell for $ 250 shipped? highly sensitive speakers can produce huge dynamics on lower power .I was thinking of making my new speaker so I can run 2 amps the 300b and a class a solid state for the ravens and phl woofers
John i can't seem to follow you. Give me another break down. Solid State amp, What brand? Going to what driver? ASL tube amp, going to what driver? That's a monster cabinet, what's the dimensions? Do you think the PHL's are more musical than the Seas? QUESTION: do you feel you need a midrange with the Raven-3's because of the limited dispersion problem with the Ravens. In other words, with say midrange + Ribbon you only deal with the limited dispersion only with the ribbon tweet. The big R-3's acting as mid+tweet limit the midrange dispersion as well as treble. True?
Rick Craig of Selah Audio has finally finished the Selah3. You can find a intriguing review of them over at Madisound, look for the post "a visit to Ricks place" by BradV. A believable! and honest! review. Hopefully Rick will ship by weekend and i'll post a review here ASAP.