Which speakers?

I am going to set up a second system for listening only. The majority of use will be for cd's, largely classical and instrumental, and jazz. My hearing is not what it was and will continue to deteriorate,(genetic), so there is no point in a mega bucks system; the nuances of which I will not be able to discern. I have read reviews on both sides of the fence for Paradigm. I mention these because they would be in the price range I would consider. What else should I consider? Amp and CD system would be digital.
Thanks. Jim
When I was young I asked a gentleman in his (gasp) fifties, why he preferred electrostatics to dynamic speakers, since his hearing was no longer excellent.
He replied that his sight too was not so good, but that glare still bothered him.
Now I am in my late sixties and see (hear) his point. Make no assumptions, listen for yourself, then go with what you enjoy. Many of us with less than perfect hearing still prefer the type of equipment we enjoyed when we were young. I do hope it is not merely nostalgia.
For largely classical, instrumental, and jazz I would look at the Alon speakers that come up for sale here. They are so cheap but have a very musical sound, open, airy, with good bass. They are also very dynamic and sound very good with a cheap NAD SS power amp or a high end tube amp. Cannot go wrong for the used prices.

Happy Listening.
You would enjoy the Triangle Celius, or even maybe more so the less expensive Altea. Very open, natural top to bottom presentation.