Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?

OK, controversial subject but it needs asked. I'm curious for your experiences, mainly in your home, not a dealer and esp. not a show demo
Anybody remember Speaker Lab? They made DIY speaker kits. Their top-of-the-line model was called the Model K. It was a giant corner horn speaker modeled after the Klipshorn. A buddy of mine had four of them, one in each corner of his 10x12 bedroom and driven by a Phase Linear 400 watt amp. I don’t know if they were fatiguing or not. I couldn’t stand to stay in there long enough to find out. If the room is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.

Speakerlab used to be here in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle. Back then Speakerlab, Hawthorne, Magnolia and Definitive were all on the same street well within a hundred yards of each other. From DIY and quality budget to mid- and high-end we had it all within easy walking distance. Those were the days!  

The crazy part was that on any given trip it was a toss-up who would have the best most engaging system. Speakerlab was generally the biggest bang for the buck, but not always, especially not if you like to listen deep into the recording. But they were good, and loud, and had some cool ideas like mounting a sub in a floor or wall, turning the whole room into a speaker baffle and generating some pretty darn deep powerful bass in the process!  

Their space is still there with the same blue awning, just no more Speakerlab. Magnolia too is gone. Only Hawthorne, with it's eclectic mix of new and used turntables and systems geared to millennials listening to small systems in dual use rooms and apartments. Definitive is a ghost operation, specializing in Microserf and Goolag millionaires who would rather pay a so-called advisor expert than have to actually learn a thing or two about anything, let alone learn to (shudder!) listen. 

A very sad situation. Years ago before Stewart Marcantoni retired he seemed to specialize in replacing complete six figure systems these guys had bought only to learn the hard way that Levinson and Wilson are unlistenable. Stewart told me at one point he sold 6 complete six figure systems to customers who replaced entirely everything they had bought from Definitive. In one month. 

Don't know what happened to Speakerlab. Or Magnolia either, for that matter. On any given trip you were more likely to find good speakers at either of those than at Definitive. Another one to throw on the pile of things I will probably never understand.
-Klipsch RF-7 III, owned, shrill and bright.
-Zu Dirty Weekend, owned, sounded good 50% of the time, the other 50 was a whole mix of peaks and valleys and strangeness that I could never put a finger on. I really wanted to dig them but just couldn’t.

Weird thing is I have a set of WATT Puppies that I don’t find bright at all. Maybe a smidge but never harsh.
Klipsch - enough said. 
Paeadigm Persona can be bright but pair well with Simaudio 760/860
In the 1970's, Altec Segovias. They were so bright that they had ten decibel attenuators for the tweeter.  They were still bright with the attenuators turned up to ten.  I went into a stereo shop in Brooklyn to buy a pair of AR 3A's.  The dealer pulled a bait and switch on me - claiming the AR's were out of stock.
I had borrowed a friend's car and didn't want to impose on him again, so I ended up with the Altecs.  My next speakers were B&W 802's.   They were so heavy that the UPS guy refused to bring them up to my condo unit.  He literally left them in the parking lot.  But they were excellent speakers ... until I discovered Magnepans.  
Everything Klipsch is like a brain drill to me, B&W and Wilson are only somewhat painful, oh, and GMA is an aural dumpster fire.  I’m an inaccurate AF Sonus Faber / McIntosh listener so I’m probably more sensitive to brightness than most as my ears have put their feet up over the years.