Which speakers for mcintosh mc352

I am the new guy here although I have been following your discussions and am blown away by the wealth of knowledge in these forums. I thought you people could enlighten me further.
I recently heard Oskar syrinx and loved the laid back smoothness and overall sound. I have a feeling they would not be able to handle the bass at higher volumes. I think the MC352 would kill them. I have heard many good things about the Gallo ref3.1, which I will hear on Saturday. Perhaps it is my ears, but I find the high frequencies harsh with most dome/cone tweats and prefer the ribbon/electrostatic sound.
(I understand that room accoustics play a huge role.)
Being unable to hear these speakers on a Mc352 I am not sure which way to go. I would like to stay in the 3-4k range.
Any info you guys have would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance. Nuguy
Klipsch Cornwall III's. I am using a MC352 with Khorns. Demo as many speakers as you can-let your ears decide.
I have a 352 and am using the Revel Performa F32's and they work very well together. List is 4000.00 ususally good for 10-15% discount.
Joseph Audio Rm25si MkII's. 3500/pair.
Their crossover technology invented by Richard Moddaferi of McIntosh fame.